Hi Dr. Sharma,
I am down visiting my son, Josh, who will be going into his second colitis surgery on Tuesday. Today he mentioned that he had not gotten back to you about the success of the GTX sample that you supplied to him after his last operation, so I thought that I would write you. I have to say that the experience was incredible and miraculous.

I witnessed his reaction to the first dropper of product that he tried. In advance of trying it he rated his pain level as 8 out of 10. This was about ten days after his first operation (six feet of colon removed) and his pain level was increasing as, I understand now, is part of the healing process.

He was pale skinned from his long time in the hospital and dealing with his illness prior to his hospital stay. He was wearing an open bathrobe as he had been showing me his lleostomy bag. He put the dropper in his mouth and swallowed one squirt. Almost immediately his cheeks and neck blushed. Over the next 10 to 15 seconds I saw the blush spread down his chest and past his waste. As the blush reached his lower abdomen he smiled and sighed.

I asked him about his pain level and he happily that it had gone from the 8 he had reported down to a 4. He then proceeded to take two droppers a day. Over the next few days his pain level dropped so swiftly that whenever I asked him about his pain level, he would look at me in surprise as if to say, "What pain?"

From that time until now, he has not even thought about a need for pain control. I cannot think of a better product! It eliminated pain, promoted healing in that it allowed him to exercise, and created zero dependency, in that it did not even occur to him that he might need it after his second surgery.

Thank you for your part in developing and delivering this product, you and your organization are a shining example of self-less service, Seyvah, in action.

Alan Weiner


"I have used high CBD oil to help wean myself off of traditional pain medications. Since using the CBD oil, I have reduced my dependence on other pain medications. I also experienced a reduction in inflammation, and severity of pain. If used with combination of exercise, meditation, adequate sleep and good diet, it is a valuable tool in my toolbox of pain management."

Joseph Li, 47 year old who suffers from lumbar radiculopathy resulting in chronic back pain and chronic numbness in his left leg states,

"I have used your RLF formula to help with back pain and numbness in my left leg. After using your oil regularly for one week, my back pain and numbness completely resolved and I was able to walk without my usual limp."

Dr. Sharma,

I want to thank you again for allowing me to be apart of your patient trial. Living with Crohn's Disease, I have forgotten what it is like to not feel digestive issues on a regular basis. However, after the first day of using your GTX formula, I was amazed by the relief that I felt. One dropper full is enough to sooth and settle my stomach for hours, and allow me to eat foods that have always caused serious, digestive discomfort. I can't tell you how great it feels to eat what I want, without the harsh irritation. This is an effective and natural solution to my health issues, which I am glad to have found.

Best regards,

Christian Skuce

Dr. Sharma,

I wanted to share my experiences after using your RLF formula for just one week. As you know, I suffer from Parkinson's Disease and have severe rigidity, weakness and whole body tremor. Since using your CBD oil, my tremor is remarkably diminished and I feel stronger day-by-day. My VA rep noted, "Russ, I haven't seen you get out of chair like that in 5 years." Thank you.

-Russ Pratt